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Terrazzo Floor Cleaning, Terrazzo Restoration, Concrete Polishing
Serving the Ft Lauderdale, Miami & West Palm Beach areas for over 20 years

Terrazzo Floor CleaningColonial Floor and Stone Care is the Premiere natural stone care experts in restoring Historical Terrazzo in the the South Miami and Dade County. For over 20 years our company has been restoring and polishing floors in South Florida's homes in Palm Beach County, Broward County. The southern charm of Mid Modern and Art Deco architecture in which Miami and South Florida is famous for; incorporates natural stone such as Terrazzo, Marble, Mexican and Cuban Tile as elements that have made Miami what is is today. A mix of History, charm with modern high rises, in it's commercial and city areas, in which Colonial Floor Care has been proud to help restore the Terrazzo in some of the most Historical Hotels in the South Beach area, Such as the Cleavlander, Breakers and Essex Hotels. Our company comes in to fix what others could not. And we do it well!

Terrazzo Floor CleaningWe also proudly restore floors that have stood the test of time, for the families of South Florida counties. Reclaiming the hidden beauty of Terrazzo flooring from the early 19th century and make it look new again. Our company prides itself with the individual attention we give to our customers. Our staff are highly trained and experienced. We specialize not only in Terrazzo restoration, but also marble floor cleaning and polishing; concrete repair.cleaning and true concrete staining. Combined with design elements such as acid staining and micro topping which is the newest design element to meet with enthusiasm in the condo market today, where the concrete floor can become a high shine acid stain floor staining to that concrete specific composition making it an unique floor.

Terrazzo Floor CleaningIf you find that you have what looks like a hopeless floor under decades of vinyl, carpet or ceramic tile. Let us come and give your a free estimate and test area to show you what a durable floor you have if you are lucky enough to have Terrazzo. The dull, cracked or chipped floor you see, yellowed by time, forgotten and covered can be brought back to life and beauty so that your home can once again be the envy of your neighborhood. These beautifully durable and Eco friendly floors today can be almost maintenance free when restored. And at a fraction of the cost of installing a new Terrazzo floor today. Our proprietary service naturally cleans ad polishes with out wax with a non slip sealer. Shining and smooth to the touch, the floors are truly an form of art for your home! We can match chip by chip the crack or chip that needs repair. Call Colonial Floor and Stone Care for all your natural stone care needs. Marble counter top or floor need cleaning in West Palm Beach, or Terrazzo restoration in Miami Shores. From Concrete acid stain in Ft. Lauderdale condo or garage to Mexican or Cuban tile in Coral Gables. We will help you decided on the right outcome for YOUR individual needs.


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